South Africa Durban Food Distribution and Community Centers

Tzu Chi plans to set up 13 small food supply stations/community centers within three years.

Tzu Chi takes good care of 5120 orphans.
Total Budget: Approximately US$ 732,081.00

This plan will be implemented in three stages:

First Stage (first year):

Set up 5 centers
Take care of 2000 orphans
Budget: US$ 204,760.00

Second Stage:

Set up 3 centers
Take care of 3200 orphans (include the 2000 orphans from first stage)
Budget: US$ 202,816.00

Third Stage:

Set up 5 centers (set up 13 centers within three years)
Take care of 5120 orphans (include the 3200 orphans from first and second stages)
Budget: US$ 324,505.00

The five community centers location in the first year:
1)Umlazi South

Five community centers locations in the first stage:
We are negotiating about the Land Use Right for Umlazi South, KwaMaKhutha, and Makazini right now.
The other two locations, Nsimbini and Ntabankula are under construction.

More photos may be found on the Facebook page here.

Posted by The Power of 5 · May 26, 2012