International teams of Tzu Chi volunteers were among the first to respond with emergency relief after that Caribbean nation’s devastating earthquake two years ago

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South Africa

In the poverty-stricken areas of South Africa, thousands of Zulu women have been led out of poverty by the seed of Great Love. Zulu women consistently face the terror of poverty and the threat of AIDS. With the help of businessman Michael Pan, the women learned how to sow fields and feed themselves, as well as care for other victims who are less fortunate. Through the power of 5, you can support programs such as these to lift these communities out of the cycle of hate and mistrust and into the spirit of Great Love.

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Happy Campus

Parents, businesses and community supporters across the country are serious about helping their local schools. But many deserving schools lack the funding necessary to create and maintain an infrastructure and schedule of innovative activities needed to take advantage of all such available local resources. The Happy Campus Program was created to meet that need, and is already getting recognition as a valuable supplement to traditional school programs.

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Homeless Program

At a recent hot meal program in San Francisco, Tzu Chi volunteers worked closely with wonderful nuns from The Missionary Sisters of Charity to provide free meals for dozens of people at a converted fire station. When people left after sharing the free meal for an hour, the difference in them was remarkable.

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