Easy Starts

Some people find it hard to finish a project or task.

But many more people nowadays find it hard to get started. Even on important, clearly defined projects, getting started can take a lot of time.

Before starting, we usually ask ourselves: Who’s really running the project team, or might derail it? How well do I get along with him or her? What are their objectives and hidden agenda? What really needs to be done, and in what order? How will we know when the project’s successful, or at least finished? Do I have the authority and resources to do my job well, and how can I get more of each when I need them?

Answering these questions often discourage or distract people so much, they never get started.

But on a Tzu Chi project, just arrive on time (Tzu Chi volunteers respect each other too much to be late or no-shows).

Tzu Chi volunteers will make you comfortable and productive because they work so closely with each other and follow the three steps described by the King in Alice in Wonderland.

“Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”

It’s not important for them to know who’s leading, what needs to be done next, or when everything’s finished. Even if all the other team members prefer to speak in Mandarin, they’ll help you and each other stay focused, coordinated and results-oriented.

And who knows? At some point you may suddenly find yourself the new leader, with a willing and hard-working team behind you!

So if you prefer getting things done to unproductive questions, do yourself a favor. Become a Tzu Chi volunteer.

Posted by The Power of 5 · Jun 20, 2011