Free Hot Meals

Every $5 donation to Power of 5 is an excellent investment in communities as well as individuals.

That’s because the Tzu Chi Foundation and the non-profit organizations we partner with make just a little warmth go a long way.

For example when we use your donation to serve hot, nutritious meals to homeless men, women and families; what will that single meal accomplish?

At a recent hot meal program in San Francisco, Tzu Chi volunteers worked closely with wonderful nuns from Mother Theresa’s Sisters of Charity order to provide free meals for dozens of people at a converted fire station. The difference in the people as they arrived to share the free meal and the same people an hour later was remarkable.

The people who gathered in the parking lot in anticipation of the hot meal seemed cautiously optimistic at best. But after taking part in the selfless celebration of the community meal, there was a new sense of hope and camaraderie.

Serving a good hot meal to someone warms their body. Serving it with sincerity and a sense of gratitude warms the heart. Thank you for helping Tzu Chi’s Power of 5 campaign do both for many deserving men, women and families.