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The Power of 5 is a place where something wonderful happens every day.

And where your small monthly contribution always goes a long way.

That’s because Tzu Chi only donates services, goods and resources directly to the people in the greatest need. We never ask anyone to wait while we implement relief and charity efforts designed around our organization chart.

We just find out what people need the most and provide it to them. Period.

And it’s because Tzu Chi volunteers—thousands of whom are very poor themselves—make something great happen, as loving individuals who respect and feel grateful to you and people in need. They prove their commitment to contributors like you, day in and day out.

So stop wondering what you can do today that will make a real difference. Sign up for The Power of 5 and watch as wonderful things happens in Haiti, South Africa, America’s inner cities and schools.

For more information about The Power of 5 or Tzu Chi, and to get started, please contact us

Posted by The Power of 5 · Aug 16, 2011