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Volunteer Opportunities

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Here is a list of local Tzu Chi offices.

Charity. We are always happy to welcome volunteers to help lead or participate in various community charity projects in local Tzu Chi offices, or at Tzu Chi USA headquarters. They might serve food to the homeless, help students from low-income families through the Happy Campus Program, provide aid to low-income families or disaster survivors, etc. In addition, occasionally international charitable work (such as Haiti relief) needs volunteers.

Medicine. Many doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals volunteer at our local community clinics, medical outreach programs, or through the Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA).

Education. There is also an ongoing need for volunteers interested in education. Tzu Chi USA has full time preschool & kindergarten and Sunday schools (Tzu Chi Academy), as well as other community education programs and education outreach programs in various locations across the US.

Humanistic Culture. As an international organization, we are seeking volunteers who can translate or edit (English, Chinese, Spanish, French, etc.), write articles, take pictures, shoot video, assist with the production of various publications and websites, or volunteer at Jing Si Café & Bookstores. In addition, we have various music projects that require the support of musicians, technicians, and anyone with an interest in music. Some of these projects can either be done on-site or remotely via computer.

Environmental Protection/Recycling. We encourage you to help save our planet by recycling in your household and paying close attention to your daily consumption of resources.