Bringing the Power of 5 from the USA to South Africa

Firstly, my name is Dennis Lee. I am a member of the Tzu Chi Foundation at The Ohio State University. Right now, I, with a bunch of are Tzu Chi members, am at the new Johannesburg Tzu Chi Branch Center.

This is the first blog that I have written, so just be wary of any small mistakes and other things.

Yesterday, or actually two days ago, we were in Brooklyn, NY attending the alternative program for the United Nations Youth Assembly.

While going to the Chinatown Tzu Chi Center, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge as a group. As we observed the beautiful warm day, strangers walking next to us were slightly interested toward our special uniforms. When we stopped to take a group picture, these said strangers also joined us. After these pictures, Mary SG introduced the Power of 5 to these strangers. They probably did not speak English well, but I believe they understood our purposes and could sense our compassion.

After eating, we went Times Square to promote the Power of 5. We talked to the various citizens and tourists and really put the Power of 5 to work. Hopefully everyone we talked to will continue to spread the word to 5 more people. We need to do more of these outreach events to promote the idea of giving love out into the world. The bookmarks designed by Tzu Chi’s young volunteers forwarded people to this website.

Well, that is enough of two days ago. Yesterday, we went to the JFK airport to travel to South Africa. Cool story: when on the plane from JFK to Atlanta, I wanted to eat a banana. Before I ate it, I asked the person sitting next to me whether I could. As you might know, bananas tend to smell after not being eaten for a couple of days, but that is a story for another day. After eating about half the banana, the man asked me what group I was from. I told him that we were a part of the Tzu Chi Foundation and described some of the work we do. He then asked where we’re going. I told him that we were going to South Africa to go distribute supplies and food to AIDS orphans. He also wondered where the organization was based in and I told him Tzu Chi started in Taiwan but has now spread to over 60 countries all over the world. He told me his daughter has been to Taiwan to teach children English. That was our common ground and my cue to pull out the bookmark. I invited him to follow out journey at the Power of 5 website. He accepted. I felt really good about successfully introducing my first person on the Power of 5.

I think that the Power of 5 is an excellent project to promote and I know that we will do our best to show what we are doing and promote this project further.

Till next time,

Posted by The Power of 5 - South Africa · Aug 6, 2011