Back in Joburg

It has been a while since I have written a blog post, so I will write one now.

Today we got back from Durban, South Africa. We have learned a lot in those 7 days.

We were asked what was one of the most touching stories each of us have from Durban, so I will share one of them.

On Thursday, 8/11, Michael Pan SB told us a story about a Zulu Sister who had HIV/AIDS. The volunteer was sick at times and Pan SB would tell her to take a break at home. She would always listen, and when she got better, she would return doing volunteer work. However, as time passed, her sickness got worse and worse. Eventually, the volunteer was going to die. On that day, her family was next to her bed, chanting and praying that she would go to heaven. Quietly, so that the family members could not hear, Pan SB told her that, since she was a Tzu Chi Volunteer, she knows where she would be going after death. She replied with a yes. She knew that after death, she would be going back to Master Cheng Yen to continue helping her with Tzu Chi work. Just before she passed, Pan SB quickly gave her his prayer beads.

Pan SB told us that there was a difference between the deaths of a Tzu Chi Volunteer and an ordinary person. He noticed that the volunteers would die peacefully as if dying of old age. Ordinary people would die suffering. This truly shows how Tzu Chi has the power to heal and change the heart. I was truly touched by this story. After Pan SB finished, even he shed a tear.

Those days in Durban truly changed me a lot. I learned that even if we feel like we cannot help a person physically, we can help them by healing them with our hearts. The connection that you sense is extraordinary. If I get the chance, I would gladly go back to Durban to better experience these feelings.

Well tomorrow we will be continuing our work, but in Johannesburg this time. Tomorrow is going to be an extremely busy day.

Until next time,
Dennis Lee

Posted by The Power of 5 - South Africa · Aug 19, 2011