And so our South Africa journey begins…

Sitting here getting ready to leave for the airport, I get the sense of anticipation of what’s going to happen. Before arriving in South Africa, we were already thrown some curveballs but they all have a way of working themselves out. For example Dennis’s luggage decided that it wants to stay in Atlanta for the night. Once it meets up with its friends, they will all travel to Johannesburg together.

When we arrived in Johannesburg, it was already dark, so we couldn’t seem much. My first shock was the weather. Everyone reminded us that it would be cold since it is winter in the southern hemisphere. But, I still had the sunny image of the African savannah in my head, so I didn’t expect it to be THAT cold, meaning it was a lot cold. Upon arriving at the office, we had a very warm welcome from our Tzu Chi family here. After sitting down for a delicious vegetarian meal, the cold was the last thing on our mind. Everyone made us feel so incredibly special :) That concludes our first day here. Time for bed! We’re the first ones to stay overnight at the new Johannesburg Tzu Chi Branch Center.

-Trinh Dao

Posted by The Power of 5 - South Africa · Aug 6, 2011