Vision of the Future

While editing photo captions for Tzu Chi yesterday, I saw this image of a group of elderly Zulu volunteers in South Africa, practicing for the celebration of the Buddha’s birthday.

These wonderful ladies—drenched, cold and leaning into the brisk wind—were showing their dedication to a ceremony from a different corner of the globe. This is the power of our shared vision, and of a commitment to realizing our Buddha natures.

Even with her eyes closed the Sister in front shows us her inner cultivation, manifested in her celebration of the life of the Buddha. That cultivation, Master Cheng Yen tells us, is wisdom.

Such wisdom, dedication and commitment to cultivation connects her with her South African brothers and sisters, with the international Tzu Chi family, and ultimately with every sentient being.

This image is my vision of the future of Tzu Chi.

Posted by The Power of 5 · Apr 1, 2011